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    Rear seat heat and ventilation

    O I see. Yes, unfortunately Acura rdx does not currently have rear vents. There are rumors that the mid cycle refresh will bring those in as standard features. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
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    Rear seat heat and ventilation

    Most of the vehicles in that class do not offer heated/cooled rear seats even as an option. Only few flagship vehicles offer that as a standard feature ( Mercedes S class, BMW 7 series). The RDX leads the class by offering heated/cooled front seats as standard. Lexus RX has that as an option...
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    Acura Club is seeking volunteer staff writers

    Acura Club is seeking fellow Acura and Honda enthusiasts who can help us with writing news and interesting content for the site. The only requirement is a passion for Acura and a basic ability to scan the news and write up something interesting approximately twice a month (or more if you'd...
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    Recall of 2013 RDX due to transmission problems

    Honda is recalling 17,500 Acura RDX vehicles due to a newly discovered transmission issue that can shift the car out of 'Park' without the brakes being pressed. According to Honda's internal investigation, this problem only exists in sub-freezing temperatures, and there have not been any known...
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    TSX and NSX....

    Yeah, and welcome. :) Do you have a NSX as well?
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    RSX Forum?

    We have the current Acura lineup in their dedicated subforums and the discontinued models in the 'Other Models' subforum. Once there is enough activity in there, we can split it up into more specific sections.
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    How committed is Honda to supporting the Acura ILX?

    Along with the disappointing sales of the ILX in the U.S., it has been recently discovered that the production numbers of the ILX are also surprisingly low. The Honda plant of Greensburg, Indiana, responsible for the ILX production made only 91 ILX units in March 2013. Conspiracy theorists...
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    Before you make a transaction online

    Please keep in mind that you are on your own when you do business on the Internet. Always do your due diligence and learn everything you can about your buyer or seller. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Our website will not be able to assist you if you enter into a bad...
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    Welcome to Acura Club!

    Welcome to Acura Club! We are delighted to have you join the fastest-growing Acura owners community in the world. Please say hello, introduce yourself, and post a picture of your ride!