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    Trade Bitcoin for my 2011 Acura TL

    Best to try Coinmotors or another similar site if you want to receive specifically. Lots of folks on those sites buying/selling cars for bitcoins.
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    2014 Acura MDX now $1,000 less, new front-wheel drive model

    In a surprising move, Acura revealed today that its 2014 MDX crossover SUV will be available for the first time as a front-wheel drive model, which will result in nearly $1,000 savings for those who opt out of the all-wheel-drive option. Acura is killing two birds with one stone by releasing...
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    The 2015 Acura NSX: Everything You Need To Know

    The next-generation supercar, Acura's 2015 re-launch of its NSX sports vehicle will be built near Marysville, Ohio, not too far from Honda's Accord plant. The revival of the NSX was announced at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, and the Acura community has been buzzing with high expectations for the...
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    Model S finally taking off in the U.S., a jackpot for Tesla?

    Let's admit it, the Roadster was a gorgeous car, but it didn't exactly take over the world as the electric vehicle that would save us from gasoline. First, it was too expensive, second it was made in limited quantities, and third, the charging range was still not up to par (although admittedly...
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    Comparing Acura to other luxury car brands

    The Acura brand was launched outside Japan specifically for the purpose of establishing a luxury name for Honda cars. I am too young to remember the first U.S. Acuras, so I don't know how successful the initial rollout of Acura in America was. I do know that today the prestige of Acura as a...