Any way to upgrade onboard computer?

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I've had a 2006 Honda Legend for about a week. It was imported from Japan to New Zealand in 2015 and I'm comfortable with all the aircon buttons, I'm definitely down with the drive train and handling ... but it's uncomfortable to have no idea what the menus are saying, so it still feels like I'm driving a foreign car.

I've been looking through the menus with Google Translate on my phone, but it's still not cutting it, especially when emergency messages appear briefly for ten seconds I have practically no chance of knowing what's going on! So I really want to find out how to reprogram the computer, and it would be great to find out how to connect the Bluetooth too.

I know how software generally works, that if the software has been programmed by a half decent developer then the writing should be stored in a language file, so it should be pretty simple to configure the software to use a translated file, but I still can't find any real way to do it even though I've been searching all week.

There seems to have been a really good Honda Club forum that got dissolved a few years back, and this one is quite new. Hopefully someone can pick up on this topic with some good advice, that would be great!
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