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2008 TSX
RE: 2008 Acura TSX (w/navi); 115k miles

Hey Everyone,

Newbie here! So I just purchased this Acura: it's my first TSX and I'm psyched...However there are certain issues that do need fixing/replacing - wish me luck.

Serpentine Belt and Belt Tensioner pulley:

Seems that the belt-tensioner pulley makes noise when the a/c is on....

1. Can anyone post a video/directions of how to change the belt-tensioner pulley?
2. Which Acura parts website is best for prices, to find out auto-part numbers, and to find which brands are OEM for the auto-parts?

Btw, I think that the below enclosed serpentine-belt diagram (including labels) is correct for my Acura....thanks a million.

Engine Belt Diagram:

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