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Hi I just got a ‘94 integra and it is kinda customized I guess lol but it has these things sticking out of the front sides - I call them Frankenstein bolts - but I can’t figure out what they are or why and now I lost one so there is a big hole there now and I can’t replace it cuz I have no idea what it is or for. Does anybody know what they are and is it normal for these cars to have that there?
Hi Acura friends I am looking for a work around for my 2004 TSX headlight replacement if anyone has any ideas???
Thank you
...was able to come up with a solution on all parts, remanufactured the clutch disc, had the flywheel turned rough up the pressure plate and bought a new t/o bearing
I would be curious as to whether or not i can obtain a main seal and an input shaft seal as well, any help would be most appreciated.....thanks
Linn Richardson
I am happy to say Problem solved. I had the clutch disc rebuilt at a reputable shop and the flywheel turned, the pressure plate was in very good condition with no scaring. I located a new throw-out bearing and main seal....I am back on the road again.
Hello my name is Linn, I just picked up a rather nice 1992 Acura Vigor, it runs great little or no body damage but, needs a clutch. Could someone please point me in the right direction preferably to obtain a clutch kit for this car, or will the flywheel need to be resurfaced or do i need to purchase a new one?
Linn Richardson
I did finally procure a clutch kit for the Acura Vigor through Amazon. It is a LUK brand... I will keep you posted.....
Linn Richardson
The clutch kit I received was a nightmare!!! Amazon delivered what was supposed to have been a clutch kit for the Acura Vigor...NOT....This is the 21st century isn't it? It appeared to be something more suited for use in a truck.....14 + inches in diameter and HEAVY, does anyone have ant suggestions?
hello everyone. name is jeff. i run a small repair shop out in mass and recently aquired a 01 cl type s. i was looking to do all the typical mods like cai, headers ,full exhaust, throttle body, injectors, coils, fuel pump, and a performance chip. would someone be able to send me down a proper path, as i seem to be having an issue with some of the parts. thanks in advance
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Thanks for your reply. The part number is : 37840-pd2-026 or the last three numbers could be 006. I believe there was also an aftermarket part #CSS516 possibly BWD brand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
2004 RSX bad AC pulley. Can I eliminate ac and how? Whole ac system is shot and replacing compressor would be useless