Acura changed Engine Short Block twice on my brand-new MDX within 900 miles :- (

GOAT Daddy

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Oct 30, 2020
MDX 2020
I am the first time buyer of the ACURA and purchased a brand new MDX2020 a month back from a dealership. The car has only 900 miles and it has already been to the service center 4 times :-( Acura has changed the Engine Short Block twice, resurfaced all 4 rotors and the Engine Lights Warning (All lights on the dashboard) came on 3 times. The hood shakes at 60 mph.
While driving the car to the dealer service center (with all warning lights on), the engine will vibrate and the car revs will go above 4000 at 40-50 miles an hour. The car almost stopped in the middle of the road.
As per Acura, they have fixed the issue, but the warning lights keep coming back which requires another fix.
I am too scared to put my family back into this car. I was planning on keeping this car for a long time but now I am stuck with the repaired engine with only 900 miles on the car and very stressed and anxious to get behind the steering.

Has anyone had similar experience? Is it okay to put my family back into this car? I am looking for my fellow Acura owner's advice.
I will greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thanks in advance!!!!


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