Acura Headrest DVD System - Black Leather


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Aug 13, 2016
2013 Acura MDX
4 month old Dual Headrest DVD Players with Built-In Gaming System, 2 Wireless Headphones and Wireless Remote Control. Ability to listen over car speakers with FM transmitter or via headphones. Can watch two separate movies at once or can watch one movie on both screens. Each headrest monitor has a dvd player built in.

Trading car in because of a change in job. Only works in Acuras and is a simple installation by a professional. Original cost was $1600 for equipment and install. Was quoted between $100 and $150 to have re-installed by a professional.

Headrests slide in, connect to each other via plug under the seat and a power wire is run along door sill to the fusebox. Experienced DIY'r could handle.

$1,100 for the set/OBO (I'll cover shipping cost)


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