Cracked Dashboard/Airbag Warning


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Feb 16, 2015
2004 TL
My name is Paul Fagan. I am one of the many owners of 3rd generation (2004-2008) Acura TL’s who are experiencing significant cracks in the passenger side dashboard and resulting SRS indicator lights suggesting a potentially dangerous airbag problem. Most of us have contacted dealers and Acura corporate headquarters for assistance and have uniformly been told the parts are not defective and the damage results from normal “wear and tear.” We know this to be a lie and believe Acura knows it also.

While a small number of us have received partial payment as compensation, the majority have been rudely dismissed without any offer of help. Acura steadfastly refuses to admit the parts were defective at installation and, for years, has refused to make the needed replacement or repairs. This must end. I think Acura has been successful at denying our claims because they have been too fragmented to gain public attention. It seems that in the absence of popular and media pressure, the company has been able to hide its bad faith and behavior. It’s time to expose them.

I suggest creating a common website or forum where those already and yet to be affected can post their complaints and condemn Acura’s dishonorable conduct. Then we can gain wider and more focused access to a larger influential audience. It may not persuade Acura to act honestly and responsibly but it certainly can influence consideration of all Honda products. Our intent would not be to further injure the company’s reputation; instead we will attempt to return it responsive customer service. Please join in getting this started by emailing me at horse at cox dot net.
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