Does anyone ever use regular gas in an RDX?

Pastor V

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2017 RDX
I’m new, just curious does anyone ever use regular gas in an RDX ? Don’t stone me. Asking for a friend!

James in Yorkshire

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Have used 95 per recommend on the Honda's I have had for more than forty years now.....Accords, Preludes, Legends.....and never had any problems.

If I use the higher 99 Octane I have noticed a somewhat improved performance....

Which I would describe as 'Cleaner' and 'Smoother'.......

These are my terms.....

Obviously the 99 costs more than the 95....but not sure if cost is critical to you.

Here in the UK the top two 99 Octanes are provided by BP and Shell.....each has it's own name, but I cannot recall what these are....

The UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Motoring Correspondent each Saturday, 'Honest John' has always rated and praised the BP and Shell 99 Octanes..

From my experience with using the 99, I might make more regular use of it from time to time..

Perhaps if you try the higher Octane at a fill-up you will see what I mean.

Just as an aside...when I was growing up in the 1950's and 1960's, we had in the UK a petrol which was produced by the ICI Chemical Company, at their refinery in the North-East of England, which was called 'Cleveland'.....the name for the geographical area, both then and now.

This was known by the brand name of 'Cleveland' and sold in their own petrol stations.

They had, I seem to recall, three brands at three pumps on their forecourts...

One was called 'Cleveland' and the other was called 'Cleveland' with Discol...

Obviously this was their brand name for a specific additive....which may well have been a higher leaded content.

I often worked in a garage during the holidays and one of the mechanics told me that you could always tell an engine that had been run using 'Cleveland' with Discol......because if and when it was broken down for service or repair it was always cleaner inside than other engines which did not use this fuel.

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This site is mostly dead.

I use regular quite often in my 2014 RDX. Honda says premium is recommended, not required, and that works just as you'd expect.


Acura RDX
We've used regular on our older cars, but switched to premium after getting our 2017 RDX

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