Five-speed manual transmission for 1987 Honda Acura Coupe


1987 acura legend
I have a 1987 Honda acura coupe in very near pristine condition.The other day my transmission blew!! I am looking for a five speed manual transmission.Anyone have a wrecked or parts car with a good trans that would fit for sale?
This car is all original with only 108,000 miles since new.It was bought new by the original owner who took immaculate care of it.He later sold it to his next door neighbor who only drove it a few thousand miles and sold it to me with 103,000 miles on it. I might consider selling it to someone who has wrecked theirs and has a good trans.Or do you have a trans for sale or know here I can get one?
Thanks for any help.
Best regards,Grandpa Marc

I can be reached at phone 828 685 8520 or email
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