Power Steering Fluid

James in Yorkshire

New Member
Sep 11, 2020
Legend RL 1998
Any observations on the correct PS Fluid for my 1998 Legend, (equivalent in USA being the Acura RL).....?

I am confused a little.....

Obviously manufacturers prescribe their own fluid, but I am bothered that the end of the world will come sooner if I use the wrong stuff.

I am pretty sensible enough and old enough to know that fluid equivalents are alright provided they meet the correct specifications, (oil rated at SAE, and ATF to Dexron II), but the chatter I have seen about Power Steering Fluid and damage to seals puzzles me.

For instance and as I understand it Honda Z1 seems the modern likely fluid, but when my Legend was built in 1997 / 98, Honda Z1 had not been developed and it was another Honda fluid recommended at the time.

Can it really be the case that I cannot use another brand, subject, of course to it meeting the appropriate specs...?

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