Trade Bitcoin for my 2011 Acura TL


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2011 TL
I am selling my beautiful 2011 TL in pristine condition and only 16.5K mileage for $22,000 in Bitcoins. The car is custom lime green color and is a 3.7L V6, all wheel-drive (SH), with premium wheels. It's a stick shift, of course.

Located in our garage in Atlanta and has not been driven in almost a year. I accept Bitcoins only. If you live in the area, you can get in touch with my ex-wife who will show you the car. Because the exchange rate fluctuates, we will check the price of bitcoin the day of the transaction in order to lock in the rate. No Paypal or any other online payments, please. I am firm about accepting Bitcoin only due to an upcoming divorce. Truly a great deal, selling way below BBV.

Please PM with questions, thank you.

Little Mac

Best to try Coinmotors or another similar site if you want to receive specifically. Lots of folks on those sites buying/selling cars for bitcoins.

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