Turbo is failing at 202,000 miles


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2008 RDX tech
My 2008 RDX, which has been lovely, and my favorite car ever is suffering from a slowly failing turbo. I had been noticing some “glitches” in the shifting over the last 5-6,000 miles and thought my transmission was slipping. Then just recently it started burning a qt. of oil every 500 miles. The clouds of blue smoke at start-up have been epic and disheartening. I’ve been driving it for 11 years and over 180,000 miles.

My mechanics have ruled out the tranny and just scoped the cylinders, which look amazingly good for over 200,000 miles. So they think after talking to their contact at Acura, that it has to be the turbo.

They are leery of the new mostly Chinese made replacements, but showed me the cost for OEM new is around 6,000.00! Which is around the value of the whole car… So that’s out. I’m seeing some used ones pulled from wrecks for around 500-600.00, which seems reasonable. Also saw a rebuild kit of the blower rotor and spindle with associated gaskets for just over 100.00.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem? I could use some guidance. I’m tempted to buy a used one on eBay that claims to be from a car with only 120,000 miles. Looks good…. What do you think?
Any replies would be much appreciated.

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