ILX Upgrading/Replacing Radio Receiver/Upper display


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Jun 15, 2021
ILX 2019
I have a 2019 ILX and I found a 2019 ILX A-Spec that was totaled on Ebay so I bought the radio unit and upper display unit. My car has an upper display unit but its only for like the radio/phone and reverse cam. The units I bought off the A-Spec have the plugs in them with all the wires cut. I was curious if my car had all the same plugs and if everything would work properly...(aside from the Navigation?...)

Haven't pulled my radio out yet but took a picture of my interior and the units I bought. (Probably should of did all this before buying the new
Any info on this would be appreciated.

19_ILX Radio&Display.jpg19_ILX_ASPEC_Radio_Back.jpg19_ILX_ASPEC_Radio_Front.jpg19_ILX_ASPEC_Upper_Display_Front.jpg19_ILX_ASPEC_Upper_Display_Back.jpg

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