What did you do to your MDX lately?


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Jul 22, 2020
2017 Acura MDX
Saw a similar thread on another forum for my other vehicle and I learned a million new things so I decided to start one here for the MDX. I have an Acura 2017 MDX and I changed everything on this page, even the cabin air filter, good stuff and all the products with the shipping and the labor at a local shop came out wayyyyy less than what the dealer wanted!

Also ordered tires online, shipped them directly to my mechanic's shop. Up next going to change the mirrors as they are scratched and have them painted at a body shop. Need to maintain the vehicle as much as possible as my plans for buying a new one have been put on hold.

I do not like the seats so I am checking out these, can rip out the old seats with some tools and replace with something from here
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